Best Honeymoon Destinations in Hong Kong

by YourTravelScout

When it comes to planning your honeymoon, the possibilities can seem endless. If you’re looking for a romantic destination offering something for everyone, look no further than Hong Kong! From stunning beaches and lush mountains to vibrant cities and iconic attractions, Hong Kong is sure to have something special in store for you and your partner. Here are five of the best honeymoon destinations in Hong Kong.

  1. Lantau

The Island of Lantau is vast. There are other activities besides swimming and hiking as well. Ngong Ping 360-degree cable car can be used to get there. While it could seem pricey to some, the experience is very worthwhile. Going there takes a little time, but the vista is well worth it. It departs from an island close to the Tian Tan Buddha (The Big Buddha). If interested, you can ascend the stairs (around 250 steps) to get a better view of the Buddha. 

2. Big Wave Bay

On a honeymoon to Hong Kong, this location is ideal for spending time with your significant other. The beach at Big Wave Bay is delightfully peaceful, and the water there is obvious. Similar to other beaches, this one provides a place for grilling and a variety of shops where you can get food and beach gear. You can go there by bus or taxi; the trek is unquestionably worthwhile.

3. Hong Kong Observation Wheel

The 60-meter Hong Kong Observation Wheel (HKOW) is a Ferris wheel located on the Central Harbourfront. It features 42 air-conditioned gondolas, one of which is a VIP gondola with a glass floor. On this enormous observation wheel, take in some of the most beautiful city vistas that no other location can provide. Take a 15-minute trip with your spouse and get butterflies in your tummy.

4. Hong Kong, Disneyland

Buses are another option for getting to the fishing community, Disney Land is also present on this Island, and Mui Wo is a town on Lantau Island that is so darn cute. A quick ferry ride from the Central Piers will take you to another place where you may escape the city’s bustle. The expansive, tranquil Silver Mine Bay Beach would be the ideal place to unwind for the day. The village is a delight to stroll about because of its waterfall and pleasant green walks. Little villages-like towns are also present.

Hong Kong’s largest and most well-known theme park is Disneyland. One of the top tourist destinations in Hong Kong is Ocean Park, followed by Disneyland Hong Kong. Disney characters can soothe nostalgic childhood feelings. There are more than 160 acres of land in Disneyland. Every age group at Disneyland may enjoy the most exhilarating rides. Surprises abound in Disneyland.

5. Peng Chau

Unlike the other Islands, Peng Chau is unique. Despite having few tourists, a large population lives there. It has all amenities and is similar to a small city (supermarkets, post office, library, etc.). If you hike up finger hill, you can see the sunset from the summit. The terrain was rather steep for hiking.

You can visit Tai Lei, a small island linked to Peng Chau by a bridge. Walking is the only way to get there! There is a little area in Tai Lei by the water that has been filled with toys. Things that the islanders no longer require are not simply thrown away. They placed it in the corner of the Island to make it beautiful.

6. Cheung Chau

Everything is incorporated into one. Along with swimming, you can go hiking. The beach is close to the ferry pier, so walking far is unnecessary. Both peaceful areas and residential buildings can be found on the Island. To go to a location close to the water, hike there downwards (not uphill). You can remain still while hearing the sound of the waves. There are lookout pavilions where you can relax.

If you don’t like to hike, you can explore the Island on a family tricycle or bicycle that you can rent for a fair price. Take advantage of the Cheung Chau rock carving, which dates back 3,000 years. You can go to private campgrounds like the Saiyuen campsite if you want a more premium experience. You can stay inside one of their opulent tents and take in the starry night sky. They have a variety of amenities, including a BBQ.

7. Tap Mun Island

It isn’t the finest location if you’re searching for a beach, but it’s great for hikers. Once there, you will be far from the town’s bustle. The beauty of silence can be fully appreciated. Just climb to the top, set up your tent, and unwind while taking in the view of the sea.

You are welcome to stay overnight and take advantage of the wild camping. Numerous wild cows will be peacefully strolling alongside you, which will be pleasant. Make sure your food is safe; they might want to consume it.

8. Lamma Island

Right across from the Tap Mun is Lamma. Visit Lamma if you’re looking for a beach and enjoy the buzz. You will sense like you are on holiday because of all the tourists and gift shops there. Once the ferry has dropped you off at the dock, it will take around 20 minutes to walk to the beach.

The ideal place for a city getaway is Lamma Island. Fishing boats, seafood restaurants, adorable cafes, and little shops are all around the Island in various combinations. There are plenty of bicycles on the Island, but it is small enough to be easily explored on foot. Even if you are only 30 to 40 minutes away from Hong Kong Island by ferry, you might as well be far away from any traces of urban activity as if you were on a long-haul flight.

Whether you are looking for a venturesome getaway or want to relax on an exotic beach with your partner, there is something special waiting just around the corner in Hong Kong! Enjoy these top five honeymoon destinations while exploring everything this fantastic city offers newlyweds on their first journey together! And don’t forget – no matter where life takes you next throughout this exciting journey together – cherish every moment spent together! Happy Honeymooning!

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