Honeymoon Getaways in China

by YourTravelScout

China is an ideal destination for newlyweds looking for a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience. With its vibrant cities, stunning natural beauty, and diverse culture, there is something for everyone in this vast country. Here are the five best places to visit on your honeymoon in China.

  1. Lijiang 

For honeymooners and couples, Lijiang is the ideal destination. There are different things to do in this area, such as taking a tour of an ancient village, trekking through Tiger Leaping Gorge, and, last but not least, playing some stunning outside-of-town golf on courses surrounded by high mountains. Wooden buildings, canals, cobblestone alleys, and Naxi culture are all prominent features of Lijiang. Lighting a candle-lit float and letting it slowly drift down the river is an everyday activity for couples.

  1. Liangshan

The largest Yi compact community in China is located in southwest Sichuan and is called Liangshan. Early or mid-August is the ideal time to visit Liangshan since that is when the yearly great Torch Festival of the Yi ethnic minority is celebrated. Because young people approach and court their preferred ones during the public dancing and singing, the celebration is also known as Oriental Valentine’s Day. Young men and women in Butuo County interact more powerfully through the sport of wrestling. Other activities include folk music, horse racing, cockfighting, culinary festivals, and beauty pageants.

  1. West Lake

A well-known tourist destination in China is West Lake in Hangzhou. On West Lake, there is a famous bridge. Broken Bridge is the name of the place. Despite its name, the bridge isn’t broken. Broken Bridge is well known for its lovely winter scene, but much more so for a love story. It is the setting for the charming Chinese love story between Xuxian and Bainiangzi. Although it is not a factual story, practically everyone in China is familiar with it.

  1. Tibet

Your honeymoon journey should include a stop in Tibet. Tibet was a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of the mystique surrounding its culture and its distinctive religious beliefs. It is stated that after seeing Tibet, you will feel that there is no obstacle you cannot overcome in your lifetime. That is accurate. Just look at the crystal-clear lakes, the clear blue sky, and the devoted Buddhists kneeling on the side of the road. Everything there is so unique and moving that it truly is a place of holiness and purity.

  1. Yangshuo

For your honeymoon destination, visiting Yangshuo, a little village, is a fantastic choice. To take in the breathtaking scenery and two-person world, stroll down the well-known West Street, go bamboo rafting along the Yulong River, or cruise the Li River. Exploring the peaceful countryside on a tandem bike with your partner is a romantic experience.

  1. Fenghuang

According to legend, a phoenix swooped over Fenghuang and became so enthralled that it hovered over the settlement helplessly. Fenghuang is also a literary town because it is the birthplace of Shen Congwen, whose book Border Town is set on the embankment of the Tuojiang River and the Miao minority lives there. Maybe most importantly, it is hardly known outside of China.

7. Jiuzhaigou

In the province of Sichuan is Jiuzhaigou. The area is sometimes referred to as the “Fairyland” by the locals since it features primordial forests with 108 crystal clear lakes, a variety of colorful pools, and a lovely waterfall. It’s such a romantic tourist destination! It makes sense that so many Chinese newlyweds travel there to take their wedding photos.

China is an incredible place with endless possibilities for planning your dream honeymoon! Whether you want a romantic getaway exploring ancient ruins or some time away from it all surrounded by natural beauty – there’s something here for everyone! So start planning your trip today—you won’t regret it!

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