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Are you seeking an unforgettable and luxurious holiday? Look no further than beautiful Nha Trang! Located in Vietnam’s Khanh Hoa province, this beach-side city is a haven of fun activities, stunning beaches, and delicious seafood. From water parks to Buddhist temples, here are seven places you must visit when in Nha Trang. 

  1. Po Nagar Cham Towers

A religious site composed of four towers built between the 7th and 12th centuries, the Po Nagar Cham Towers are a remarkable feat of architecture. Not only does this UNESCO World Heritage Site offer views of the sea and city below, but it also houses numerous interesting artifacts from ancient times. Plus, it’s excellent for taking Instagram photos! 

2. Vinpearl Land

Fun for all ages! Vinpearl Land is an amusement park on Hon Tre Island that offers an array of exciting activities, such as roller coasters, water slides, and cable cars. There are plenty of rides suitable for children, too – making it the perfect family day out! And don’t forget to check out the shopping center at Vinpearl Land, featuring designer stores and restaurants. 

3. Long Son Pagoda

This Buddhist temple was built in the late 19th century atop Trai Thuy Hill to honor a local monk named Son Thai Tu, who passed away while fighting against French colonization in 1883. With its terracotta walls and vibrant statues of dragons, gods, and goddesses, Long Son Pagoda is worth a visit during your stay in Nha Trang. 

4. Dam Market

One of Vietnam’s oldest markets close to downtown Nha Trang boasts rows upon rows of stalls selling everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to souvenirs like handicrafts and traditional clothing items at low prices! It’s also great for trying out local snacks such as banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) or the (sweet dessert).

5. Doc Let Beach

An idyllic beach stretching along Ninh Hoa Bay offers visitors gorgeous views with white sand shores surrounded by crystal clear waters—perfect for swimming or just lounging around soaking up some sun during your trip! The nearby fishing village is also worth a visit, where you can learn about traditional Vietnamese lifestyles firsthand.

6. Alexandre Yersin Museum

Named after Swiss-French biologist/medical doctor Dr. Alexandre Yersin who founded the Pasteur Institute in Nha Trang back in 1895, this museum features interesting artifacts related to his work, such as microscopes used during his research into bubonic plague vaccine development as well as photographs depicting his life at sea while on board of Chantier naval de Marseille shipyard vessels during his expeditions around Asia-Pacific region in late 19th century.   

7. Thap Ba Hot Springs & Mud Baths

When visiting Nha Trang! Located within I Resort Spa & Wellness Centre complex near the Cai River delta estuary zone outside city limits in the Cam Ranh district, these hot springs offer therapeutic mud baths made from mineralized volcanic earth, which can help relax tired muscles, thus providing much-needed relief from everyday stress factors.    

Whether you’re looking for outdoor activities or cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone in Nha Trang! From its stunning beaches to ancient temples, this destination has it all – so make sure you take advantage of these seven incredible places when planning your getaway!

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