Places to Explore in Supertree Grove

by YourTravelScout

Singapore is considered to be Asia’s top destination for travelers. With its bustling city life and many attractions, it can take time to decide what to do first. One of the must-sees in Singapore is the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the shores, a beautiful sight that will leave you in awe. Let’s explore some of this spectacular park’s best places to visit. 

  1. Cloud Forest

This biodome houses a mountain and waterfall inside the tropical forest environment, with plants from all over the world thriving here. Take a tour up to the top of the hill and enjoy a panoramic view of Singapore! It also includes an interactive educational area where visitors can learn more about environmental conservation. 

2. Flower Dome

This is one of two cooled conservatories in Gardens by the Bay, hosting plant species from different climates worldwide. The Flower Dome showcases plants such as olive trees, baobabs, and eucalyptus from Mediterranean climate regions, pomegranates from semi-arid areas, and even bottle trees from South Africa’s succulent Karoo region.

3. OCBC Skyway

Stroll along this 128m long aerial walkway suspended 22m above ground between two Supertrees and get a fantastic view of Marina Bay Sands Hotel and other landmarks around Marina Bay!  

4. Supertree Observatory

Get a bird’s eye view of Gardens by the Bay from this observation platform on top of one of their iconic Supertrees! 

5. Far East Organization Children’s Garden

There are plenty of activities here for children, including water play areas, sand pits, swings, and slides!

6. Sun Pavilion 

Enjoy lunch or dinner at one of Gardens by the Bay’s three restaurants while admiring views across Marina Reservoir!


This lawn, located near Sun Pavilion, is an excellent spot for picnics or just lazing around under shady trees while enjoying fabulous views across Marina Reservoir! 

The Supertree Grove in Singapore is an incredible place to explore, with plenty to see and do. From taking a walk along OCBC Skyway suspended between two Supertrees to exploring different climatic conditions in Flower Dome or Cloud Forest, there is something for everyone here! Whether taking your family out for a day trip or planning a romantic evening stroll with your partner, make sure you don’t miss out on visiting this stunning park when you’re next in town! Have fun exploring! Thanks for reading our guide – we hope it helps you plan your next trip to Singapore’s iconic supertree grove.

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