Places to Explore in Honshu

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Honshu is the largest of Japan’s four main islands and offers a wealth of cultural, historical, and natural attractions. Whether you’re looking to explore ancient Buddhist temples or take in modern neon cityscapes, Honshu has something for every type of traveler. Tokyo to Hiroshima is one of this great country’s best places to visit. 

  1. Hakone National Park

Located southwest of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture, Hakone National Park boasts stunning volcanic scenery, with views over Lake Ashi and Mount Fuji from its many lookout points. Take a trip around the lake by boat, or explore the park’s many hiking trails and hot springs. 

2. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

This memorial park commemorates those who lost their lives during the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945. It features various monuments, such as the Children’s Peace Monument and an exhibition hall containing artifacts before and after the bombing. Visitors can also learn more about peace through interactive displays and exhibits. 

3. Kinkaku-ji Temple (Golden Pavilion)

Located in Kyoto prefecture near the city center, Kinkaku-ji is a Zen temple complex with three stories surrounded by a beautiful garden. The top two floors are gilded with gold leaf, giving them their distinctive appearance – an unforgettable sight attracting visitors for centuries. 

4. Kyoto Imperial Palace

The former residence of Japan’s imperial family was once home to dozens of emperors over hundreds of years until it was destroyed by fire in 1854. Today, visitors can explore the grounds and gardens surrounding this impressive palace complex on guided tours led by Kyoto’s Imperial Family Association members. 

5. Nikko National Park

This national park located northeast of Tokyo is famous for its spectacular views over Lake Chuzenji and mountains framed by lush greenery – making it a popular spot for hiking and camping trips! Don’t miss out on exploring Nikko’s numerous shrines and temples, too – they’re some of Japan’s most sacred sites!

6. Tokyo Tower

At 333 meters tall, Tokyo Tower is one of Japan’s most iconic landmarks – offering stunning views over Tokyo’s skyline from its observation deck at 150 meters above ground level! Climb up even further to reach 250 meters, where you can have dinner while enjoying panoramic views of the city lights below!    

7. Himeji Castle

Visit this historic castle in Hyogo prefecture just outside Kobe City to glimpse Japan’s feudal past! Built-in 1333 AD as a fortress for warlords during Japan’s civil war period, Himeji Castle has survived earthquakes and bombings to become one of Japan’s most iconic sights today! Explore its many chambers and turrets before heading to its roof for breathtaking views over nearby mountains! 

With so much history, culture, and natural beauty packed into one island nation – there’s no shortage of things to do when visiting Honshu! From ancient temples to modern skyscrapers – there’s something here for all travelers looking to explore Japan like never before! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure today!

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