Road Tripping: Scenic Routes and Drives in Japan

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Japan, a country of contrasts, merges ancient traditions with cutting-edge modernity. While many visitors enjoy Japan’s bustling cities and calm temples, few have seen the spectacular grandeur of the country’s countryside from behind the wheel. A road trip through this island nation reveals a world of breathtaking scenery, hidden treasures, and amazing adventures. We’ll take you on a virtual tour of some of Japan’s most scenic routes and drives that guarantee an amazing road trip experience in this post.

The Tale of Two Seas: Noto Peninsula Drive:

Let’s begin our road trip adventure with a visit to the Noto Peninsula on Honshu’s western coast. This route combines stunning coastline scenery with attractive fishing communities and historic attractions. The Noto Peninsula Drive runs along the Sea of Japan, providing breathtaking vistas of jagged cliffs colliding with a limitless expanse of azure waters. The road passes past charming towns such as Wajima, noted for its ancient lacquerware craft, and Suzu, where you may enjoy rural Japan’s rustic beauty.

Don’t miss the UNESCO World Heritage Site Senmaida Rice Terraces, where hundreds of little rice paddies form an amazing mosaic that shimmers in the sunlight. As you drive, the slower pace of life on the peninsula allows you to savor every moment and discover hidden coves and local seafood delicacies along the way.

The Romantic Road: Hokkaido’s Furano Biei Loop:

The Furano Biei Loop offers a scenic drive through some of Japan’s most spectacular rural landscapes as it heads north to Hokkaido. During the summer, colorful flower fields spread as far as the eye can reach, transforming the area into a colorful kaleidoscope. The Furano Lavender Fields, with their fragrant blooms creating a beautiful environment, are a highlight.

As you continue your journey, the village of Biei will greet you with undulating hills and peculiarly shaped trees, molded by the weather into forms that are like works of art. The environment transforms into a snowy wonderland throughout the winter months, drawing skiers and snowboarders.

Travel through time in the Kiso Valley:

The Kiso Valley begs for a taste of old-world Japan. This route takes you through the heart of the Japanese Alps and highlights some of the country’s best-preserved Edo-period (17th to 19th century) cities. The Nakasendo Trail, an ancient trade route that connects Kyoto to Edo (modern-day Tokyo), provides a scenic trek through history.

Along the Nakasendo, you’ll pass through post towns like Magome and Tsumago, with old wooden buildings and cobblestone lanes that take you back in time. The green forests and quiet rivers that line the path provide a peaceful backdrop for your adventure. Don’t forget to sample the local cuisine, since these places give a taste of regional specialties.

Coastal Beauty: Izu Peninsula Coastal Drive:

The Izu Peninsula, located south of Tokyo, is a hidden gem with beautiful coastal scenery and peaceful hot springs. The Izu Peninsula Coastal Drive winds along beautiful coastal cliffs where the Pacific Ocean’s turquoise seas splash against the rough shoreline. This route combines spectacular scenery with pleasant coastal towns and healing onsens (hot springs).

Visit the Jogasaki Coast, which is renowned for its stunning rock formations and breathtaking ocean vistas. You can also visit Shimoda, a picturesque town with historical buildings associated with Japan’s openness to the world in the mid-nineteenth century. The Izu Peninsula is a true refuge for relaxation and discovery, making it an excellent vacation location.

Island Adventure: Shikoku’s Seto Inland Sea Route:

No road travel itinerary in Japan would be complete without an island excursion, and Shikoku’s Seto Inland Sea Route provides just that. This path crosses a series of bridges that connect Shikoku to smaller islands, providing panoramic views of the tranquil sea and surrounding scenery.

The Seto Inland Sea is dotted with art islands where contemporary art pieces fit nicely with the area’s natural beauty. The most well-known of these is Naoshima, a center for modern art and architecture. The path also passes through picturesque fishing villages, citrus fields, and tranquil coastal towns.


In conclusion, traveling through Japan by car opens up a world of natural beauty, cultural discoveries, and amazing experiences. There’s a gorgeous route for every style of traveler, from spectacular coasts to historic routes. So, whether you’re traveling through flower fields in Hokkaido or seeing the art islands of the Seto Inland Sea, Japan’s road trip offers are sure to leave you with lifelong memories. Prepare to hit the road and see the Land of the Rising Sun from a different angle.

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