Places to Explore in Dragon’s Back

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Located in Hong Kong, the Dragons Back is a hiking trail that offers stunning views and unique experiences for travelers. Its winding paths provide something for everyone, from beginner hikers to experienced adventurers. With its lush forests, rolling hills, and stunning ocean views, there’s no doubt that this is one of the ideal places to explore in Asia. Here are the top seven places you must visit while exploring Dragons Back. 

  1. Shek O Peak 

The Shek O peak is one of the most popular spots on Dragons Back and offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s skyline. It’s also an excellent spot for bird-watching as many species like to rest here after long flights across the Pacific Ocean. On certain days, you can even see whales breaching in the distance. 

2. Big Wave Bay Beach  

Big Wave Bay Beach is a perfect place to take a break from hiking and cool off with a swim in its crystal clear waters. The beach has plenty of amenities, such as restaurants and bars, so that you can relax or explore the local marine life at Big Wave Bay Marine Park. 

3. Tai Long Wan  

Tai Long Wan is an isolated village with beautiful beaches and glaring water perfect for snorkeling or wading into shallow waters filled with sea life, such as starfish and cucumbers. The nearby hills provide an excellent backdrop for photos making it one of the most picturesque places on Dragons Back.  

4. Lamma Island  

This small island off the coast of Hong Kong has some hidden gems, such as Lover’s Rock beach, which features dramatic rock formations along its shoreline and several temples where visitors can explore local customs and traditions. There are also beautiful trails leading up hilltops where you can get spectacular views of both Lamma Island and dragons Back.  

5. Tian Tan Buddha Statue  

One of Hong Kong’s most iconic landmarks is this giant bronze Buddha statue on Lantau Island near Dragons Back. The figure stood more than 34 meters tall (110 feet) and was built to celebrate Buddhism in Hong Kong and promote harmony among people from all backgrounds. Visitors can explore nearby temples or marvel at this grand monument from afar before continuing their journey on Dragons Back Trail.  

6. Kiu Tsui Beach  

Kiu Tsui Beach is an ideal spot to relax after a long day hiking through Dragon’s Back or exploring nearby townships such as Fanling or Sha Tin Wai Village. It provides breathtaking views, and numerous activities such as fishing, swimming, or kayaking around nearby islands make for an enjoyable experience here at Kiu Tsui Beach.   

7. Sharp Island

This small island off Sai Kung Peninsula provides plenty of opportunities to explore nature up close, whether admiring its rocky coastline or trekking through its dense forested areas full of wildlife, including migratory birds, during definite times of the year. Sharp Island also offers plenty of spots perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling making it a one-stop location ideal for any traveler looking to get away from it all.    

Exploring Dragon’s Back offers something extraordinary; you will witness some amazing sights and get an insight into the local culture by visiting various villages, temples, and beaches throughout this area. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or some combination thereof, Dragon’s Back has something for everyone making it a destination worth checking out!

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