Honeymoon Getaways in Cambodia

by YourTravelScout

Are you looking for the perfect honeymoon destination? Look no further! Cambodia is a stunning and unique country that offers something for everyone. From awe-inspiring temples to beautiful beaches and everything in between, there’s something for every couple. Here are our top 5 honeymoon destinations in Cambodia that you won’t want to miss.

  1. A Worthwhile Location for Your Cambodian Honeymoon is Kep

The charming coastal hamlet, reserved for Cambodia’s elite class and recognized as the country’s smallest province, is peppered with houses from a bygone age that was once decrepit. The town, however, is reclaiming its status as Kep-sur-Mer and has an increasing number of upscale boutique hotels and dining establishments. It is also the origin of Kampot pepper and crab, two dishes that are well-known throughout the globe. Knai Bang Chatt is a stunning boutique hotel with an infinity pool, a waterfront setting, and exclusive access to Sailing Cub, where you may sip a sunset cocktail.

2. An excellent location for a honeymoon is Koh Kong.

Your ideal honeymoon location could be Koh Kong, where you can spend time surrounded by ancient woods, unique orchids, fragrant frangipani, and tropical wildlife. Checking into 4 Rivers Floating Lodge will provide you access to a beautiful route with views of the Cardamom Mountains, which is the ideal place to say “I do” to life if you want to discover this fashionable side of Cambodia.

3. An upscale honeymoon destination is Siem Reap.

A variety of opulent resorts may be found in Siem Reap, but the most notable is the recently added Jaya House Riverpark. Furthermore, there are many romantic moments in Angkor Archaeological Park, Siem Reap’s main attraction. The couples can enjoy a hot air balloon or helicopter to enjoy a fantastic bird’s eye view of the park. It’s impossible to overstate this park’s importance, and your time was worth it. Alternatively, it would be terrific to spend time together photographing the magnificent sunrise. Your honeymoon in Cambodia will always be remembered for that.

4. In any Cambodian honeymoon itinerary, Angkor Wat must be included.

Couples must take advantage of the sunrise and sunset views in addition to the well-known temple mountain and the later design of concentric galleries. The nightfall here is very breathtaking because of the west-facing orientation. When a couple is holding hands, and the sun is over the forest and shining on Phnom Bakheng or the Terrace of Srah Srang, they may see the temple and clouds reflecting in the water and observe the brilliant colors on the lake’s surface. Visit Angkor Wat around dawn or dusk between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. for the most beautiful sight. Riding in a tuk-tuk and exploring the area is also really romantic.

5. Sihanoukville Beach: A Memorable Honeymoon Location

Including a few days in your honeymoon schedule to spend time at Sihanoukville beaches, like the Maldives in Cambodia, is worthwhile. It’s strongly advised that couples visit Otres Beach and Independence Beach. In Sihanoukville, attractions, including the Golden Lions Roundabout, the Starfish Bakery and Café, the Wat Leu temple, and the Kbal Chhay Waterfall, may all be explored.

Cambodia offers so much when it comes to honeymoons! From awe-inspiring temples and beautiful beaches to adventure activities like tubing down rapids or zip-lining through jungle treetops—there truly is something for everyone! So if you’re looking for your dream honeymoon destination that will leave you with everlasting memories, look no further than these top 5 must-see destinations in Cambodia!

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