Travel Guide for Kasol

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Beautiful scenery and a fascinating culture may be found in Kasol. Travelers, especially those seeking peace and excitement, always include this location on their lists. You will feel more connected to nature thanks to the villages and stunning views of Parvati Valley, making your trip to Kasol pleasant to the point where you won’t want to leave. You need more information to take in the Kasol valleys.

Best time to visit

Despite being a year-round vacation spot, May and June are the finest times to travel to Kasol. The winter months of November to February are when visitors most like visiting the location.

Activities to do in Kasol

The same cliched things to do in Kasol have been discussed extensively in writing and blogs. While not all of them are completely useless, there is much more to see and do in Kasol, which this travel guide will tell you about.

  1. Hiking and Trekking

Walking through a densely vegetated area is the definition of calm. For those who enjoy taking strolls, going on hikes, and everyone in between, Kasol provides various exploration opportunities. If looking for a trek close to Kasol, you may either organize it in advance or contact a local when you are there. Locals are best qualified to inform you of each activity’s degree of difficulty.

2. Israeli Food

A Shakshouka, a Baraka, and a lemon cake make for a happy life in Kasol. You’d love to eat some delectable Israeli cuisine after exploring Kasol’s top tourist attractions. This is an ideal place to start if you still need to sample the cuisine. Repeat the meals you enjoy as you go, one dish at a time. Trout should not be overlooked. The sweets are also fantastic; we suggest the Hello to the King and Queen pastries at The Evergreen and the freshly baked goods from The German Bakery at Moon Dance.

3. Camping

Need to be sure of your hotel options? Try camping in Kasol if you want to get to know this place for what it is like. While there are a few possibilities, you might get lucky with the tents provided by the Forest Department. They provide one of the most breathtaking morning and sunset vistas in the valley due to their superb location next to the ferociously flowing Parvati. Additionally, the camps are cozy and well-kept. Prices range from Rs 300 during the busiest summer months to Rs 150 during the off-season (May-June).

4. Enjoy the serenity

You can find a lot of calm at Kasol. While the majestic peaks and a raging river are still all around you, pursue your passions. In a place that makes you feel calm, do whatever you love to do: read a book, write a piece of prose, a drawing, a painting, a song, or write a poem. In Kasol, you can rekindle old interests buried in your urban routine.

5. Gaming

If you have time to do so when making travel arrangements, bring that rusty archery set, the air rifle you almost lost, or the badminton equipment you sloppily stowed away. Play carom at Jim Morrison Café, cottage cafe volleyball, or pointed if you’re with a group. The ideal setting is where you spend time with your pals and pick up old favorite games.

How to Reach Kasol

The journey to Kasol, encircled by mountains on all sides, is an adventure in and of itself. The closest airport to Kasol is Bhuntar, which is 50 km away. Joginder Nagar is the nearest train station, which is 145 kilometers away. Anyhow, the best method of transportation to go to Kasol is by road, and Bhuntar is the connecting point for a short but reliable road length. Without traffic, it takes roughly 1.5 hours to get from Bhuntar to Kasol.

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