Travel Guide for Kampot

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A popular destination for travelers in the south of Cambodia is Kampot, where many foreigners now reside. Kampot is known for producing some of the world’s most incredible black, red, and white pepper. Visitors can tour the various plantations around Kampot and take in the stunning French architecture.

Kampot, located along the Pareek Tuek Chhu River and formerly the capital of Cambodia under French administration, today has a tranquil provincial town that draws a tonne of visitors all year long. The laid-back atmosphere of Kampot, which is about an hour from Sihanoukville, is in stark contrast to the commotion of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit Kampot is from December to March when temperatures typically range between 23 and 32 degrees Celsius during the dry season. Although the area may experience the occasional rainstorm during this time, the dry season’s generally moderate temperatures make these months the most fantastic time to explore Kampot’s natural surroundings and take advantage of the river setting and nearby waterfalls that the town has to offer.

Where to Stay

Although the area is small, there are a few well-known spots you can stay in when you visit the tranquil fishing village of Kampot, which has a lot to offer in terms of lodging.

Main City: Main Town is ideal for anyone who wishes to stay in Kampot’s central tourist district because it is close to all the cafés, markets, restaurants, and shopping. Despite not being a bustling city, it has many to offer tourists, including superb local cuisine, lovely architecture, hip coffee shops, and a burgeoning ex-pat community.

Riverfront: Backpackers looking for a reasonable price frequently frequent this region because it is affordable. It is situated farther out from the main town. While zipping past rice paddies, water buffalo, street food vendors, and many happy locals on a bicycle, you may soak in the scenery.

Food and Drink

There are a variety of dishes and cuisines to taste across the town, which is home to many tourists and is gradually becoming a clear favorite among ex-past ex-pats due to its laid-back lifestyle and affordable rates.

Every kind of foodie will find something to enjoy at the many adorable western cafés and numerous Cambodian eateries. To add to your lists, consider adding these few perennial favorites:

• The best breakfast in town can be found at Cafe Espresso.

• Support a non-profit by visiting Epic Arts Cafe!

• The best dumplings in Kampot can be found at Ecran Noodle and Dumpling!

• The cheapest beer in Kampot can be found at Bob Marley’s Pizza.

How to get around the city

The fact that there isn’t much traffic is the finest thing about visiting Kampot. Although buses are the primary mode of transportation outside of Kampot, the city is very walkable. You can easily see the surrounding area by hiring a bicycle or getting in a tuk-tuk.

How to reach Kampot

Buses from Phnom Penh leave the city twice a day, at roughly 7.30 am and 1.15 pm. It takes about five hours to travel by bus via Kep. Some take the direct route to Kampot, which takes around three and a half hours.

From Sihanoukville – Taking a taxi is the most convenient way to travel to Kampot from Sihanoukville. You can travel for $9–10 USD per if you can find some friends. There are three buses every day that you may take, and the trip would cost you about USD 5.

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