Top 5 Scenic Drives to take in Vietnam

by YourTravelScout

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many different cultures and a long history, making it a great place to travel by car. Vietnam’s scenic drives provide a distinctive experience for tourists seeking adventure and leisure with their meandering roads, stunning scenery, and lovely villages. The top 5 scenic drives in Vietnam are listed below:

Hai Van Pass

One of Vietnam’s most beautiful drives is Hai Van Pass, which is situated halfway between Hue and Da Nang. The pass, which extends for 21 kilometres and is 496 metres above sea level, provides sweeping views of the ocean and mountains. To beat traffic and enjoy the best sunrise views, it’s best to go out early in the morning. There are many viewpoint locations along the route where you may stop to take pictures and take in the landscape as you navigate the winding roads and tunnels of the drive.

Ho Chi Minh Trail

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, the Ho Chi Minh Trail is a historic road that covers more than 1,000 kilometres. During the Vietnam War, the path was used to move personnel, equipment, and weapons between North and South Vietnam. It is now a well-liked picturesque road that passes through rocky terrain, thick forests, and far-flung settlements. The best way to travel is on a motorbike or a car with four-wheel drive because the road is not always well-paved. Historical sites including military memorials, caves, and museums may be found all along the trail.

Da Lat to Nha Trang

The Central Highlands of Vietnam are traversed on the picturesque road from Da Lat to Nha Trang. It’s best to take your time and make stops along the route even though the drive is only 140 km long and takes about three hours. You pass past tea and coffee farms, waterfalls, and quaint towns on the trip. The view of the ocean as you leave the highlands and head towards Nha Trang is the best of the trip.

Phan Thiet to Da Lat

The South Central Coast of Vietnam’s South Central Coast is the setting for the meandering road that connects Phan Thiet and Da Lat. The trip is 200 kilometres long and lasts roughly four hours. Sand dunes, fishing communities, and mountain passes are all on the route. You can pause at the Fairy Stream, Pongour Falls, and other outdoor sights en route. The best time to take the journey is from December to April, when it’s dry.

Hai Phong to Ha Long Bay

The drive from Hai Phong to Ha Long Bay takes you through the beautiful landscapes of the Red River Delta. The drive covers a distance of 70 kilometers and takes around two hours. The route takes you through rice paddies, traditional villages, and limestone mountains. The highlight of the drive is the view of Ha Long Bay as you approach the coast. It’s best to take a boat tour of Ha Long Bay to fully appreciate its beauty.

In conclusion, Vietnam’s scenic drives provide a rare chance to discover the country’s natural beauty and rich culture. There is a path for every kind of traveler, from the hairpin turns of the Hai Van Pass to the storied Ho Chi Minh Trail. So gather your belongings, set out, and enjoy the journey.

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