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Japan is a land of spectacular natural beauty, with majestic forests, towering mountains, serene lakes, and lovely beaches. A picturesque drive is one of the greatest ways to appreciate this splendor. The best 5 picturesque drives in Japan are listed below.

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

A breath-taking trip through some of Japan’s most spectacular mountain landscapes is the Tateyama Kurobe mountain Route. Due to significant snowfall throughout the winter, the path is only usable from mid-April to mid-November.

The Tateyama Mountain Range, which is a section of the Japanese Alps, is traversed throughout the journey. You’ll cross a number of tunnels and bridges on the trip, including the renowned Kurobe Dam, one of the biggest arch dams in the world. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to go on the Tateyama Ropeway, one of the world’s tallest cable cars.

It takes around 90 minutes to finish the roughly 37-kilometer journey. It is advised that you stop a few times along the trip to take in the breathtaking landscape, such as the Mikurigaike Pond, a body of water renowned for its pristine waters.

The Noto Peninsula

You may enjoy a magnificent drive along the rocky Sea of Japan shoreline on the Noto Peninsula. Approximately 80 km long and taking two hours to complete, the drive.

You’ll pass through quaint fishing villages and tiny towns along the road, such as Wajima, which is well-known for its lacquerware. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to pause at a number of breathtaking beaches, including the Senmaida Rice Terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As the summers and winters may both be hot and humid, it is better to do the journey in the spring or fall.

The Iya Valley

The Iya Valley is a breathtakingly gorgeous road that winds across Shikoku Island’s wild and lonely terrain. The journey lasts around 33 km and takes an hour to finish.

The valley is well-known for its high cliffs, narrow gorges, and sparkling rivers, which provide for some incredible photo possibilities. You’ll also ride through a number of tiny villages and have the chance to stop at a number of historical locations along the way, like the Iya vine bridges, which the local peasants used to cross the river.

Autumn is the ideal time to take the journey since the leaves are changing colour and the weather is moderate and pleasant.

The Hokkaido Scenic Byway

A breathtaking drive that passes through some of Hokkaido’s most breathtaking landscape is the Hokkaido Scenic Byway. It takes about six hours to finish the roughly 256-kilometer journey.

You’ll travel by a number of national parks along the road, including Shiretoko National Park and Akan National Park, both of which are renowned for their breathtaking scenery and diverse fauna. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to visit a number of hot springs, including the renowned Noboribetsu Onsen.

Since the winters may be harsh and the roads might become closed from heavy snowfall, it is advisable to make the trek during the summer.

The Izu Skyline

You may travel across the Izu Peninsula’s hilly terrain on the breathtaking Izu Skyline. Approximately 42 km long and taking an hour to complete, the drive.

You’ll pass by a number of breathtaking lookout locations along the journey, including the well-known Mount Omuro, which provides sweeping views of the region. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to visit a number of hot springs, including the renowned Shuzen The Izu Skyline is a well-liked vacation spot for drivers because of its steep roads and hairpin curves. The weather is mildest and the foliage is most colorful in the spring and fall, when you should do the journey.

To sum up, Japan has some of the most stunning and amazing natural beauty in the entire globe. A wonderful approach to travel the nation and experience its breathtaking scenery is to go for a scenic drive. Japan’s beautiful drives are guaranteed to leave you with priceless memories, whether you’re visiting the mountainous areas of the Tateyama Kurobe mountainous Route or the jagged coastline of the Noto Peninsula.

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