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Southeast Asia travellers must visit Cambodia because of its incredible natural beauty and rich cultural legacy. There is something for everyone in Cambodia, from historic temples to gorgeous beaches and lush jungles. I’ll list the best ten destinations in Cambodia to visit in 2023 for you in this article:

ANGKOR WAT: Angkor Wat is one of Cambodia’s most well-known attractions and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Siem Reap temple complex was constructed in the 12th century. It is one of the biggest religious structures in the entire world and a must-see for anyone visiting Cambodia.

PHNOM PENH: The Royal Palace, the National Museum, and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum are just a few of the significant cultural icons that can be found in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. It’s a fantastic location to discover Cambodia’s rich history and culture.

SIHANOUKVILLE: The coastal city of Sihanoukville is renowned for its stunning beaches and pristine waters. Sun-seekers and fans of water sports flock there to partake in activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, and jet skiing.

BATTAMBANG: Northwest of Cambodia is home to the lovely city of Battambang. It is renowned for its bamboo train trips, traditional Khmer temples, and French colonial buildings. An excellent spot to sample local culture and food is Battambang.

KAMPOT: Located in southern Cambodia, Kampot is a sleepy riverbank town. It is renowned for its salt fields, pepper fields, and breathtaking natural landscape. Guests can take cooking classes to learn how to prepare typical Khmer meals, tour the adjacent Bokor National Park, or go river kayaking.

TONLE SAP LAKE: The largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia and a significant ecological hotspot is Tonle Sap Lake. During a boat excursion, tourists can observe the region’s fishing communities, floating marketplaces, and unusual animals, like freshwater dolphins.

KOH RONG: Off the coast of Sihanoukville sits the gorgeous island of Koh Rong. It is renowned for its immaculate beaches, crystal-clear waters, and verdant jungle settings. Tourists can do scuba diving, snorkelling, or they can just laze on the beach and take in the sunshine.

PREAH VIHEAR: Preah Vihear is a complex of temples that is situated on the border between Cambodia and Thailand. It is renowned for both its beautiful carvings and stunning cliffside position. To learn about the significance and history of this historic temple, visitors can join a guided tour.

MONDULKIRI: Mondulkiri is a secluded province in eastern Cambodia renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity and breathtaking natural beauty. Trekking through the forest is an option for visitors who want to view waterfalls, wildlife, and traditional settlements.

KEP: Situated in southern Cambodia, Kep is a sleepy seaside community. It is renowned for its delicious seafood, stunning beaches, and peaceful environment. Guests can take a boat cruise to Rabbit Island, explore the adjacent Kep National Park, or just unwind and soak in the breathtaking surroundings.

In conclusion, there is something for everyone in Cambodia, a fascinating and diverse nation. No matter what your interests are—history, culture, wildlife, or just lounging on the beach—Cambodia has an abundance of fantastic places to visit. Starting with these top 10 locations is just the beginning of your Cambodian vacation, so make travel arrangements right away!

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