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Japan is a country that combines old traditions with cutting-edge technology. It is a place known for its breathtaking natural beauty, and there is no better way to explore it than by going on a walk. Japan provides something for every level of hiker, from beautiful mountains to picturesque coastline routes. Here are some of Japan’s top hikes:

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest peak and one of the country’s most recognizable features. The trek to the peak is difficult, but the reward is well worth it. From July through September, the route is only available during the summer months. The ascent begins at the Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station at an elevation of 2,300 meters. The hike to the peak takes around 6-7 hours. Hikers may enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding area from the summit.

Nakasendo Trail

The Nakasendo Trail is a historic path linking Kyoto and Tokyo. It was utilized by travelers throughout the Edo era, and hikers may still enjoy its historical beauty now. The route takes you past gorgeous villages, woodlands, and mountain ranges. The path is separated into five sections, each with its own set of sights and obstacles.


Kamikochi is a lovely valley in the Northern Japanese Alps. The valley is famous for its pure natural beauty, which includes clean rivers, high mountains, and lush woods. The hiking paths in Kamikochi vary from simple to difficult. The Kappa Bridge to Myojin Pond walk is the most popular, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Kumano Kodo

The Kumano Kodo is a network of historic pilgrimage pathways in the Kii Peninsula that connect several shrines and temples. The paths provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover Japan’s spiritual side while admiring the breathtaking natural beauty. The routes range from moderate strolls to strenuous treks, with lots of lodging and hot springs along the way.

Yakushima Island

Yakushima Island, located off the coast of Kyushu, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island’s old trees and unique environment have been isolated for thousands of years. Hiking routes in Yakushima range from moderate strolls to strenuous treks, and hikers may enjoy a variety of landscapes, including waterfalls, rivers, and woods. The island also has some of the world’s oldest live trees.

Daisetsuzan National Park

Daisetsuzan National Park is Hokkaido’s largest national park and home to some of Japan’s most beautiful alpine landscapes. The park has a variety of hiking paths, ranging from short walks to multi-day treks. The most popular trek is the Asahidake path, which goes to the peak of Hokkaido’s highest mountain.

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route connects Tateyama Station in Toyama Prefecture to Ogizawa Station in Nagano Prefecture through a picturesque mountain path. The route incorporates a number of types of transportation, including cable cars, buses, and a tunnel that passes through the mountains. Hikers may enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges, including Japan’s third highest peak, Mount Tateyama.

Mount Takao

Mount Takao is a popular day trip destination from Tokyo, and the trek to the peak is a terrific opportunity to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle. The track is well-marked and well-kept, making it appropriate for hikers of all skill levels. The top provides breathtaking views of Tokyo and its neighbouring mountains.

Mount Kurama

Mount Kurama is a famous hiking destination in Kyoto due to its magnificent fall colors and historical significance. The walk to the peak is short but steep, with several stairs and rough terrain. Hikers might stop along the way to see Kurama-dera, a temple with supernatural abilities.


Shirakami-Sanchi is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Honshu’s northernmost region. The area is home to virgin beech trees and a unique environment that has mostly stayed unaltered for thousands of years. Shirakami-Sanchi hiking paths provide a unique opportunity to enjoy Japan’s natural beauty while immersing oneself in the region’s rich history and culture.

Finally, from the renowned Mount Fuji to the ancient Nakasendo Trail and the tranquil Yakushima Island, Japan provides a diverse selection of trekking possibilities for hikers of all levels. Japan’s natural splendor is likely to leave an impact, whether you’re searching for a hard multi-day journey or a quiet day walk.

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