Places to Explore in Kampot

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If you’re looking for an exceptional experience in Cambodia, look no further than Kampot. This small town along the same river is full of culture, history, and unforgettable sights. Keep reading to discover the top 7 places to visit in Kampot! From temples to waterfalls, there are plenty of places to explore while you’re here. 

  1. Bokor National Park

If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, then this is the place for you. The sprawling national park covers over 40 square miles and is home to various species of wild animals such as tigers, gaur (a type of wild cattle), and gibbons. Not only that, but it also provides an astonishing view of the surrounding hills. There are many activities here, too—hiking trails, mountain biking paths, picnic spots, and camping sites—so you can make a day out of it!  

2. Kep Beach

Kep beach is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kampot. It boasts crystal clear waters and pristine white sand as far as the eye can see—perfect for a relaxing day by the sea with friends or family! You can also try local delicacies such as crab soup or seafood BBQ at one of many restaurants located along the beachfront. 

3. Phnom Chhnork 

This archaeological site was once an important trading post between India and China during ancient times. Today it has been turned into an educational museum showcasing its rich history with artifacts dating back thousands of years! You can also find some fantastic rock paintings which were believed to have been made between 1000 BC and 500 AD! 

4. Prey Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center

Get up close and personal with endangered wildlife species like elephants, leopards, tigers, bears, monkeys, and more at this center dedicated to conservation efforts in Kampot province! It also houses other animals, such as reptiles like pythons and lizards, which makes this place an ideal destination for animal lovers who want to learn more about these creatures in their natural habitat! 

5. Teuk Chhou Zoo

Looking for something fun but educational? The Teuk Chhou Zoo has it all—from elephants to giraffes to lions—all just waiting for your visit! The zoo also features a children’s playground and educational programs that offer visitors insights into conservation efforts done by local organizations throughout Cambodia. 

6. Kamping Puoy Lake & Waterfall

The stunning lake is located just outside Kampot town and is surrounded by lush jungle scenery making it an excellent spot for those wanting a peaceful getaway from everyday life! Moreover, there is a beautiful waterfall nearby where visitors can take panoramic photos or cool off after exploring the area all day!  

7. Phnom Da Temple 

Last but not least is this historical temple from the 11th-century Angkorian period situated atop a hill near Kep beach, offering breathtaking views over land and sea landscapes! Visitors can learn about its fascinating past through guided tours conducted by trained professionals who know everything about this place, making it truly worth visiting if you ever venture into Kampot province!   

Kampot may be small, but there’s no shortage of things to do while visiting here – from exploring nature reserves to getting up close with wild animals at conservation centers; from visiting ancient temples to admiring beautiful waterfalls, from experiencing local culture at markets or having a blast at amusement parks – there’s something here that will appeal to everyone’s tastes no matter what type of traveler they are! So don’t leave the chance to explore this gem tucked away in Cambodia – plan your trip today and start discovering all that Kampot has to offer its visitors!

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