Places to Explore in Ho Chi Minh City

by YourTravelScout

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is a vibrant and exciting destination in South East Asia, full of attractions, activities, and unique experiences. From classic cultural sites to modern malls, there is something for everyone in this bustling city. Here are seven places you should consider when planning your trip to HCMC. 

  1. Cu Chi Tunnels

If you’re looking for a unique experience that will give you an insight into the Vietnam War, head to the Cu Chi Tunnels. You can explore the underground tunnels and see firsthand how Vietcong soldiers used them during the war. The area also includes several war-era structures, including a museum and a shooting range. 

2. War Remnants Museum

This museum has been around since 1975 and pays homage to those who fought on both sides of the Vietnam War. It features displays of weapons from the conflict as well as photographs from battles and other artifacts from both sides of the war. 

3. Reunification Palace

Located in central HCMC, this palace was once home to President Nguyen Van Thieu during his time in office from 1967-1975. Today it serves as one of the most popular tourist attractions in HCMC, offering visitors a chance to learn more about Vietnamese history and culture through guided tours of its beautifully preserved interior spaces. 

4. Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market is one of HCMC’s oldest markets and is still going strong today as a renowned shopping spot for locals and tourists! Here you can pick up souvenirs such as traditional Vietnamese clothing or handmade crafts or sample local snacks like banh mi sandwiches or pho noodles soup. Plenty of shops also sell jewelry, electronics, furniture, and more! 

5. Bitexco Financial Tower 

This 68-story building offers stunning views over Ho Chi Minh City from its observation deck on the 49th floor! Visitors can take elevators up to this sky-high spot for spectacular views day or night—and even catch glimpses of nearby landmarks like Notre Dame Cathedral or Saigon River!  

6. Notre Dame Cathedral

This iconic structure was built between 1877–1883 by French colonists who wanted a place where they could practice their religion while living in Vietnam then! Today it stands as an essential landmark in HCMC and still holds regular Sunday services inside its walls; mass times are available online if you want to attend one while visiting!  

7. Saigon River Cruise

A cruise down the Saigon River is one of the best ways to explore all Ho Chi Minh City has to offer! From sunset cruises with live music performances on board to dinner cruises featuring delicious local fare—there’s something for everyone here!

Ho Chi Minh City is packed with attractions for travelers looking for adventure and excitement! Whether you’re interested in learning more about Vietnam’s history through its museums or enjoying some beautiful views from atop Bitexco Financial Tower, there are plenty of options, no matter your interests! Don’t forget your camera; these seven spots offer plenty of amazing photos that will make great memories long after your trip ends!

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