Family-Friendly Destinations in China

by YourTravelScout

If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure, look no further than a trip to beautiful China! There are numerous places to explore and enjoy with your loved ones, from bustling cities to picturesque nature parks. But with innumerable options available, it can take much work to narrow down the list. To help make your decision easier, here are our top five destinations for family travel in China. 

  1. Beijing

It is China’s capital city and one of its most popular tourist destinations. With various cultural attractions and activities, Beijing will keep your family entertained! Here, you can explore the majestic Forbidden City, take a rickshaw ride through the ancient hutongs, or visit the world-famous Great Wall of China. 

2. Shanghai

Shanghai is another bustling metropolis perfect for families who love exploring big cities. Shopping malls, theme parks, and wildlife reserves are just attractions you can visit during your stay in Shanghai. And if you’re looking for something more unique, why not tour one of the city’s traditional teahouses? 

3. Guangzhou

Guangzhou is located in southern China and boasts year-round mild temperatures that make it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking and biking. The city also has plenty of cultural sites, such as museums and temples, to keep everyone entertained on vacation. 

4. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

Located in Hunan province, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is habitat to a few truly breathtaking natural scenery – from towering sandstone pillars known as “pillar forests” to lush bamboo groves and waterfalls – making it an ideal destination for nature lovers looking for some peace away from the rush and crowd of city life. 

5. Chengdu

Chengdu is an exciting destination located in southwest China that offers something for everyone – from historic sites like Wuhou Temple to modern attractions like Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and Tianfu Square – making it a perfect place for families who want to get away from it all while still having plenty to do!  

From bustling cities like Beijing and Shanghai to idyllic nature parks like Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, there are plenty of unique places where your family can have an unforgettable experience in beautiful China! Whether you’re looking for culture or adventure (or both!), these five destinations will surely provide the perfect backdrop for your next getaway together! So pack your suitcases and get ready to have the best time of your life!

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