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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a lovely and diversified nation with a fascinating cultural past and breathtaking natural beauty. Backpacking across Sri Lanka is a fantastic way to discover everything this nation has to offer if you’re looking for adventure. In a thousand words, this is your comprehensive guide to backpacking Sri Lanka:

Getting There

Flying into Bandaranaike International Airport, which is close to Colombo, the country’s capital, is the simplest route to reach Sri Lanka. Direct flights from several major locations across the world to Colombo are provided by numerous carriers. Another option is to enter the nation from India via boat.

Getting Around

Buses and trains are the best modes of transportation in Sri Lanka. Both choices are affordable and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding area. The most well-liked and widely accessible form of transportation in the nation is the bus. The hill area of Sri Lanka may be explored by train, which is renowned for its beautiful itineraries. Another typical form of transportation, particularly for short distances, are tuk-tuks.

Where to Go

Although being a small nation, Sri Lanka is home to several amazing attractions. Some of the top destinations for backpackers are listed below:

  1. Colombo – The nation’s capital is a thriving metropolis with a blend of colonial and modern buildings. The National Museum, Independence Plaza, and the Gangaramaya Temple are all highlights.
  2. Kandy – The Temple of the Tooth, one of Sri Lanka’s most revered Buddhist temples, is located in this hill country city. The city is renowned for its beautiful botanical gardens and picturesque lake as well.
  3. Ella – Ella, a little village in the hills, is well known for its breathtaking vistas and outdoor pursuits including hiking, rock climbing, and swimming in waterfalls.
  4. Mirissa – Surfing, whale watching, and beach lounging are all popular activities in this seaside town on the southern coast.
  5. Galle – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient walled city on the southern coast is renowned for its delectable cuisine, attractive streets, and colonial architecture.

What to Do

Backpackers may engage in a variety of activities in Sri Lanka. Some of the greatest activities are listed below:

  1. Hiking – With breathtaking paths like Adam’s Peak, Knuckles Mountain Range, and Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka’s hill region is a hiker’s dream.
  2. Surfing – Some of the greatest surfing places in the world are along Sri Lanka’s southern coast. For surfers, Mirissa, Weligama, and Arugam Bay are notable locations.
  3. Wildlife Watching – Elephants, leopards, and monkeys are just a few of the numerous species of wildlife that can be found in Sri Lanka. For the best odds of sighting these creatures in the wild, visit Yala or Udawalawe national parks.
  4. Cultural Experiences – There are many possibilities to study Buddhism, Hinduism, and traditional Sri Lankan culture because Sri Lanka has a rich cultural heritage. For a fully immersed cultural experience, go to Anuradhapura, the Dambulla Cave Temple, or the Kandy Esala Perahera festival.

Where to Stay

In Sri Lanka, there are several affordable lodging alternatives for travellers. The most typical lodging options are hostels and guesthouses, which may be found in most popular tourist sites. For tourists seeking a more genuine experience, homestays are a fantastic choice. There are several upscale hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka if you’re searching for luxury, particularly in beach towns like Mirissa and Unawatuna.

What to Eat

  • Hoppers – a typical Sri Lankan morning dish prepared in a bowl-shaped pan with coconut milk and rice flour and served with curry.
  • Kottu – a well-known street meal prepared of shredded roti, chopped veggies, meat, or shellfish, and spices.
  • String Hoppers – Steamed rice flour noodles with curry and coconut sambal.
  • Seafood – Seafood is a must-try as Sri Lanka is an island country. Fish, crab, and prawns that have just been caught are all delectable and abundantly available.

Tips for Backpacking in Sri Lanka

  1. Dress conservatively – Since that Sri Lanka is mostly a Buddhist nation, it’s crucial to respect local traditions by dressing modestly.
  2. Respect local customs – Being respectful and courteous are highly valued in Sri Lankan culture, thus it’s crucial to be aware of the traditions and manners of the country.
  3. Bargain for prices – In Sri Lanka, haggling is a frequent activity, particularly in markets and with tuk-tuk drivers. To obtain the greatest price, don’t be afraid to bargain.
  4. Stay hydrated – Keep in mind that Sri Lanka may get hot and muggy, so drink lots of water to remain hydrated.
  5. Be mindful of the environment – Several delicate ecosystems and animal habitats may be found in Sri Lanka. It’s critical to consider your environmental effect and to refrain from actions that can endanger nearby species or ecosystems.

In conclusion, travelling by backpack in Sri Lanka is a fantastic experience that offers a special fusion of scenic beauty, rich cultural history, and mouthwatering cuisine. Sri Lanka is a great place for travellers seeking adventure and cultural immersion due to its reasonable rates, hospitable inhabitants, and various scenery.

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