Places to Explore in Shanghai

by YourTravelScout

The largest town in China, Shanghai, has a lot to offer tourists. This thriving city has something to offer everyone, from historic temples and gardens to contemporary commercial malls and entertainment venues. The top 7 locations in Shanghai are listed below for a fantastic experience.

  1. The Bund 

This iconic stretch of waterfront is located on the east side of Shanghai’s Huangpu River. It’s a perfect place to spend an afternoon admiring the stunning views of the river, which is lined with various buildings from different eras. You can also ride out of the many cruises along the river or enjoy shopping and dining at one of the many stores and restaurants that line The Bund. 

2. Yu Garden

Located in the heart of Shanghai’s old city, Yu Garden is an oasis of peace and calm amidst the rush and crowd of everyday life in Shanghai. The garden was built during the Ming dynasty over 400 years ago. It’s beautiful landscaping, pavilions, ponds, rockeries, bridges, and more make it a must-see destination for any visitor to Shanghai. 

3. Jade Buddha Temple 

This ancient temple is home to two precious jade statues of Buddha that monks brought from Burma over 100 years ago. The temple is full of ornate carvings and sculptures made from marble and bronze that are sure to captivate visitors with their beauty. Visitors can also explore several other smaller temples within Jade Buddha Temple’s complex and beautiful gardens filled with lotus ponds, bonsai trees, koi fish ponds, bamboo groves, and more. 

4. Shanghai Tower 

At 632 meters high (2,073 feet), Shanghai Tower is China’s tallest building—and one of the most gigantic buildings in the world! It offers spectacular views from its observation decks on floors 118-121 and floor 125; you can even take a ride on its ultrafast elevator which will take you up 128 stories in just 55 seconds! There are also plenty of restaurants inside, so you can enjoy a meal while enjoying all the fantastic views.

5. People’s Square Park  

People’s Square Park is next to the People’s Square subway station—the busiest subway station in all of Asia! It’s known for its ample green space where locals gather for picnics or to relax after work or school; there are also lots of shops surrounding it offering everything from food stalls selling delicious local dishes to souvenirs like silk fans or Chinese opera masks. People’s Square Park is an ideal place for people watching too! 

6. Shanghai Circus World  

Shanghai Circus World houses one of China’s most famous circuses—the Great Chinese State Circus—which has been performing shows since 1982! Featuring talented acrobats performing breathtaking stunts set against elaborate backdrops and accompanied by live music played by traditional Chinese instruments, this show will surely leave you breathless with amazement! There are also regular evening performances each week, so check them out if you get a chance!   

7. Xintiandi Area  

The Xintiandi area is home to some of Shanghai’s most fashionable boutiques, bars, cafes, art galleries, restaurants, and more! Located near Huaihai Road, which was once called “the Champs Elysees” of Shanghai due to its chic shops and nightlife scene, Xintiandi has become one trendy spot among both locals & tourists alike looking for unique shopping experiences or want an enjoyable night out on the town!  

Whether you’re looking for peaceful gardens or thrilling acrobatics shows, historical sites or modern skyscrapers, lively street markets, or sophisticated nightlife scenes – there’s no shortage of things to see & do when visiting Shanghai! So don’t wait – book your trip today & start exploring all that this incredible city has to offer! With these seven places at your fingertips – your trip here will be unforgettable & full of exciting exploration & discovery!

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